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2018 Football World Cup Picking Competition

I'm an Amateur Picker and want to play for FUN
Thanks for playing the 2018 Football World Cup picking competition.

Welcome along and we know you will find it easy to do and fun as well !

We know that something as simple as having a go at trying to predict the outcome of a football game can make watching it a lot more fun. You will find yourself cheering on your selection in a game that most time you probably wouldn’t really be interested in.¬†Imagine having an interest in the outcome of a game between Croatia and Nigeria !

That is why picking competitions are SO much fun. Challenge your friends and see if you can select more results than them. You can set up your own personal competition and compare scores after just a few games.

The results area of this website will list all competitors and how everyone is doing.

So use the button above to go through to the picking page, enter your name you want to play under, your email and off you go. Good Luck !

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Good Luck