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Rules and Conditions

Rules and Conditions

  • This website is intended to promote interest in the Football World Cup, being held in Russia starting 15 June 2018.
  • Participation is open to anyone interested in the outcome of the games that make up the event. These include all the round robin games, as well as the elimination games afterwards right through to the final itself.
  • You can enter either as an Amateur or a Professional.
  • Amateur Status. In so doing, you participate through the online picking form, enter your game name and email and make your picks. Results will be posted on a Leader Board throughout the tournament. This is FREE.
  • Professional Status. You do the same as the Amateurs, but have an extra category to select, go into a sweepstake and have a separate Leader Board. Entry for this is $20 for the tournament, and you have an opportunity to win prize money.
  • The option to select a “draw” will be withdrawn after the round robin games and once the elimination games commence, where a winning result by one team is required.
  • All decisions made in connection with the website, scoring system, information and results are made by the owner of the website and are final. Submissions can be made to info@wham.net.nz however all decisions remain the complete and unequivocal right of the website owner.
  • All data relating to game name and email address of competitors will be deleted at the end of the competition and will not be held or passed onto any third parties.

Points Allocation.


  • Selecting the correct result of a match (Team A wins or Draw or Team B wins) – 3 points


  • Selecting the correct result of a match (Team A wins or Draw or Team B wins) – 3 points
  • Selecting the “Exact goals in the Game”- 5 points.

Prize Money Allocation.

  • This applies ONLY to participants in the Professional Competition
  • To win prize money, placings will be based on points amassed throughout the entire tournament and after the completion of the last game.
  • All entry fees into the Professional Competition will be pooled and prizes awarded from that pool on the following basis:
  • First place overall – 45% of the final pool
  • Second place overall – 25% of the final pool
  • Third place overall – 10% of the final pool
  • Fourth place overall – 5% of the final pool.
  • The remaining 15% of the pool is to cover hosting and website construction costs.

In the event of a tie in any placing the percentage pool allocation for that placing will be divided equally among the competitors with that score. This will then affect the payouts for other lower placings. For example:

1. Three players score equal top score. The pools for first, second and third are combined (45 + 25 + 10) and each player takes one third of 80% of the final pool and fourth place collects 5% of the final pool.

2. One player top scores, two players are equal second, two players are equal third and one player fourth. The top player receives 45% of the pool.  The next two players share the combined second and third pools (25 +10 = 17.5% each). The two players who finished equal third share the 5% fourth pool (2.5% each). The player who finished with the 4th best score receives no prize.

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Rules and Conditions


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